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Taking the Zing out of Teeth Whitening

Taking the Zing out of Teeth Whitening

We have heard it said that there is something magical about the smile. There may be more truth to this fairy-tale sentiment than meets the eye. On the most basic level, feeling good about our smile leads us to smile more. Naturally! And smiling is more beneficial than simply sharing the joy. When we smile, our brain sends out an influx of "feel good" chemicals like serotonin. Want to know something more? Our smile causes this same reaction in those who see it! So smiling really goes a long way in elevating the mood of our home, office, and, really, our world.

If your smile has dulled over time, you are not alone. AND, you are not alone in reversing the effects of time, food, and beverages. Many patients have turned to their dentist at Prestige Dental in Pasadena for professional teeth whitening treatment that safely and comfortably gets results.

Does Teeth Whitening Make Your Teeth Sensitive?

One of the side effects you may have heard from others who have whitened their teeth is that sensitivity may occur. This may feel like general sensitivity to hot or cold, or it may involve sudden "zingers," somewhat like shooting sensations of discomfort. This need not keep you from getting the dazzling smile you want. Let's look at why sensitivity may occur, and what can be done to minimize this risk.

Reasons for Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

Teeth become stained because the pores in enamel gradually become clogged with debris. This debris cannot really be extracted from the pores, but it can be broken down and lifted with the right concentration of bleaching agent, or some type of peroxide. As peroxide is absorbed by the pores in enamel, the body responds by increasing circulation to the teeth. The added pressure moving through teeth is, in part, why sensitivity occurs. An additional factor is the breakdown of the protective protein film that covers enamel.

What to do to Improve Comfort?

Whitening your teeth should be convenient and as comfortable as possible. To minimize sensitivity, try:

  • Using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth for a few weeks prior to the whitening process, then continuing to use the toothpaste during and after the whitening process.
  • Brushing with a mineralizing toothpaste.
  • Reduce the acidity in the mouth by rinsing soon after whitening. Also, avoid foods and beverages that are highly acidic, such as coffee and sodas.
  • Balance the pH of your mouth by rinsing with alkaline water.
  • Reduce the time in the mouth of the whitening gel.
  • Make sure the whitening gel does not contact the gums, and rinse it off immediately if it does.

These habits need not continue for much longer than your teeth whitening treatment. The side effect of sensitivity usually fades away quickly.

Ready for Teeth Whitening?

We are here to help you love your smile! Schedule a visit with at Prestige Dental at (626) 577-2017.

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