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Diabetes: Tooth and Gum Problems That May Arise in Diabetic Patients

Diabetes: Tooth and Gum Problems That May Arise in Diabetic Patients

What is Diabetes?

The textbook definition of diabetes is that it is a metabolic disease that impacts the body’s ability to produce insulin which can cause elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Typically, diabetics must maintain a well-balanced diet that limits sugar and starch intake. Does it have an impact on your teeth? You bet.

Too much glucose (also referred to as sugar) in your blood can cause pain, infection and other problems in your mouth, gums or jaw. Since glucose is also present in your saliva, too much can cause exponential growth of harmful bacteria. This in turn can cause an increased production of plaque which can lead to serious dental issues if your condition is not evaluated by a dentist. Uncontrolled diabetes can also increase your risk for developing gum disease, and also impairs wound healing.

The most common dental issues of diabetic patients include:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Thrush
  • Dry mouth
  • Oral burning

It is important that you disclose your medical history with your dentist, especially if you suffer from diabetes, as this may even impact how you will respond to certain types of dental treatment. Additionally, if you take insulin or other diabetic medications, let us know as well.

Call your dentist in Pasadena today if you would like to schedule a consultation with our office to discuss treatment options or questions you may have regarding oral health and diabetes.

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