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What Happens When You Have a Root Canal?

What Happens When You Have a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is sometimes a necessary restorative treatment used to save an infected tooth. Still, it seems to be the procedure that everyone loves to hate. You may have heard the jokes or, worse, unpleasant stories that have been passed along the grapevine (usually for years). Whatever you have heard about root canal therapy, it made you want to never have this procedure. There’s something else, though . . .

Whatever you have heard about getting a root canal is most likely false.

We want to clear up any misconceptions you have. That way, if you do find yourself in our Pasadena office for this procedure, you won’t feel quite so unnerved.

Why you need a root canal

Let’s start with this: you can avoid a root canal, but you have to start early and stay vigilant. The reason that you would need a root canal is because a tooth has been infected at its core, where all the blood vessels and nerves live; and, of course, the roots. This infection doesn’t develop overnight. In most cases, the problem starts small, with minor tooth decay. If you do not see your dentist regularly, this small cavity will grow until, Bam! The cavity gets deeper and deeper until it reaches the nerve, and you need a root canal!

Now, what about that procedure? Why does it seem so frightening?

Root canals are not complicated procedures. The reason that so many people think it hurts to get a root canal is because they experience a pretty nasty toothache prior to getting restorative care! So don’t wait.

The procedure itself is performed with local anesthetic. Your mouth is numb, so you will not feel pain. Also, if you wish, we can incorporate sedation into your root canal procedure. Just ask when you contact Prestige Dental in Pasadena.

Once the nerve tissues are nice and numb, the root canal involves only a few steps:

  1. Damaged tooth enamel is removed in the same way as a cavity. An access hole is then created in the center of the tooth.
  2. This creates an opening to the chamber of tissue that has become infected.
  3. Tiny files are used through that opening to gently extract the soft tissue that is inflamed. This includes all blood vessels and nerve tissue inside the roots of the tooth.
  4. An antibacterial liquid is used to wash the emptied areas.
  5. Root canals are sealed with inert material called gutta percha so microbes cannot enter.
  6. The access hole is sealed with a filling material and if necessary, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth.

After the procedure is completed, we will take impressions to make a final crown that will look just like a natural tooth. This protects the remaining structure from any further damage. See? There is nothing about root canal therapy to fear. But still, why not call us today to schedule that routine checkup and cleaning. Better to prevent uncomfortable problems than have to treat them! Call at 626-577-2017!

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