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Learn what our patients have experienced by reading testimonials of our Pasadena dental office. We take great pride in providing exceptional, comfortable dentistry​.

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Dr. B is very knowledgeable in his practice and very amusing to listen to while he's working the teeth. Definitely recommend him to anyone I know.

-Arthur In. Facebook Review

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I was so happy with the quality of service and professionalism everyone had. Dr. B was just amazing i was so scared to go to the dentist because of previous bad experiences but just talking to him over the phone made me a little more comfortable if you dont think someone can provide great service over the phone you are WRONG!

-Nathali A. Yelp Review

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Dr. B is an incredible and extremely kind person. I came to his office with a serious TMJ problem not knowing what to do or where to go. But I was lucky enough that Yelp and Google directed me with the best dentist in town! He helped me getting out of my jaw lock crisis and during the next couple of months I visited him multiple times following up with my situation. Now I can say I feel great and my problem has diminished a lot thanks to the treatment option he offered me. I really can't think of any other doctor I've ever visited that cares that much about his patients wellness and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to everyone I know. Thanks Dr. B, you are the absolute best!

-Manuel Razo. Google Plus Review

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Dr. B is one of a kind. Hats off to him and he's staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. Our whole family goes to him. He is amazing with kids. Both my kids love him. He explains everything as he is working, nothing is a suprise. He's main concern is that thr patient is comfortable . Super clean work and reasonable prices. My kids look forward to visiting the dentist now. Thank you Dr. B :-)

-Abraham M. Yelp Review

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I went to Dr. B's office because I had swelling on my cheek caused by my toothache.

Dr. B was very patient, thorough and knowledgeable. It's obvious that he really spends time with his patients to explain what's going on and what the possible options are.

This visit was an emergency! The two girls who helped me were also very patient, friendly, and caring. Everyone was accommodating and pleasant. :)

-Marianna D. Yelp Review

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Dr. B and his staff are the greatest. They keep me relaxed and comfortable throughout each process. They are also very personable. I though I would never say this but I can't wait to return for my next appointment.

-Johnny Roy. Facebook Review

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There are dentists, & There is Dr, Vasag B. This guy is truly an artist at what he does, he's so professional and picky. I've been his patient for almost 3 years , and I'll give him two thumbs up....Way up .
Thank you Doctor B. for your great job :)

-Vasken S. Yelp Review

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Visited Dr B today and let me tell you his one of the best that's been out there. I cant thank him enough for brightening my smile even more than what I had before! His truly caring, picky, honest, respectful and most of all has the BEST customer service skills anyone can ask for!Thank you Dr B!

-Meti E. Yelp Review

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Best dental experience very impressed by Dr. B and Tina both did an amazing job on my teeth.

-Souren T. Yelp Review

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After twenty one years of going to a great dentist on the westside I made a decision to switch to Dr. Bouzoghlanian, mainly because I was so impressed with his professionalism and the thoroughness of his initial exam. This young man is personable, knowledgeable and has put together a most comfortable office with state of the art equipment. His staff was equally as cordial and professional in interacting with this patient. I feel fortunate to have discovered a great dentist in my backyard and know it is just a matter of time before he will be the most sought after dentist in Pasadena.

-Linda W. Yelp Review

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Literally, one of the best dental experiences in my life. So happy I found Dr. B. After losing my partial / retainer, and having two other dental clinics absolutely botch the new ones, Dr. B was able to get a brand new one up and ready for me in under 2 days. Incredibly attentive and meticulous with detail. The result is THE BEST PARTIAL I HAVE EVER HAD IN LIFE. The best fitting, smallest and most authentic looking. I am amazed. If I need ANYTHING else in regards to dental work, I will be coming here.
Thank you Dr. B!

-Ericka Simone. Facebook Review

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My entire family uses the practice, his the most patient, meticulous, friendly, professional dentist our family has ever been to. Highly recommend switching to his practice.

-Hutch P. Yelp Review

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I almost hate to write this review -- because I don't want Dr. B to become so popular that we have to wait for appointments -- but he deserves it! We moved out here from New York a year ago and stumbled upon Dr. B accidentally -- he was near us and took our insurance. How lucky were we! I have never in my life had such a thorough, comprehensive, and GENTLE exam and cleaning -- I almost fell asleep! It was that easy. And the same for my seven year old daughter! The office is immaculate. The staff is professional. Dr. B returns calls personally and scheduling is simple! He went above and beyond and personally called an orthodontist friend for me, and negotiated a great rate for braces! Bottom line, this is will be the best dental experience of your life! You cannot go wrong.

-Julia D. Yelp Review

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Visited Dr B today and let me tell you his one of the best that's been out there. I cant thank him enough for brightening my smile even more than what I had before! His truly caring, picky, honest, respectful and most of all has the BEST customer service skills anyone can ask for! Thank you Dr B!

-Meri Edjhuryan. Facebook Review

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I want to pass along how pleased I am with Dr. Vasag Bouzoghlanian. He provided me exceptionally excellent dental treatment by perfectly fitting a gold crown to my lower right molar and a partial gold crown to the adjacent wisdom tooth. He saved a healthy and functioning wisdom tooth that my previous dentist recommended be extracted. I am 65 years old and have not changed dentists often, but I am pleased and fortunate to have found this STAR Dentist! I will highly recommend him going forward.

-Tim K. Yelp Review

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Excellent dentist, excellent experience. Never had I seen tools/equipment (esp. the chair) like the ones this place had.

-G G. Yelp Review

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I went to Dr. Vasag for a cosmetic procedure and was very impressed by both the results and the service. His attention to detail and his friendly attitude left me feeling very satisfied. I highly recommend him.

-Silva P. Yelp Review

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This was my first visit to the dentist and the work Dr.Vasag did was unbelievable. I had quite a bit of plaque build up and after everything was finished and cleaned my teeth looked brand new. Dr. Vasag is patient, humble and explains in detail the problem and what he's going to do to fix it. I wish there was an option to give 10 stars because that's how good my overall experience went. Also Julie, the dental assistant is very friendly and helps if you have any questions.

As far as the clinic its very clean and brand new. Also Dr.Vasag uses top of the line equipment and the latest dental hardware.

-A S. Yelp Review

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Dr. B is not only one of the BEST dentists I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with in my entire life... He is an amazing, compassionate and caring human being. And that says a lot, since I have had extensive dental work done over the years. Let me tell you the story of how he saved my life.

After having a horrible experience at UCLA dental, and crappy attempt at a replacement retainer at a less qualified dentist down the street, I was told to check out Dr. B's work through UCLA's alumni program for his wonderful prices and high quality work.

I am a PR strategist. Talking to people is a large part of my job, and it becomes hard to do when you lose your partial/retainer that keeps you from lisping and missing teef in your mouth (embarrassing, but I own it). After telling him the story of my lost retainer/partial, my previous horrible experiences at another dentist down the street, and my pressing deadline since I was set to travel on business in less than a week (and having a UCLA Bruin alum bonding moment), Dr. B offered me a wonderful price on a new retainer ($225 dollars vs. $600 at a previous dentist and $775 at another, AMAZING), AND offered to have it done in two days if I could get down there that day. I threw everything I was doing out the window and headed to his offices immediately. I was greeted by a warm and welcoming office staff who knew who I was before I got there, a clean, beautiful environment and a warm and welcoming Dr. B was ready to get down to business. We knocked out the mold in record time, discussed fit, size and what I was looking for and how quickly he could get it done (2 DAYS. A WORLD RECORD). After soothing my fears of getting another cheaply made, overpriced retainer, he assured me that he would have it ready before my flight.

Not only did he deliver on all of his promises.... this is literally, by far, he has created fitting, highest quality retainer/partial I have ever had in my life... And I have had 4 up to this point. It already fit great on the first try, but Dr. B then took a good 15 to 30 minutes of his off time (he saw me after he was off out of the kindness of his heart) to adjust the bite of the retainer, making it fit ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I literally almost cried putting it in... I had never had such efficient, caring and flawless dental work done in all my life. It was so nice to be able to smile after being without my retainer for so long. After a long hug, he made it very clear that I was welcomed back at anytime, and if anything ever happened to the new retainer while traveling, to simply call him and he would have another one made and sent to me instantly. My. Mind. Is. Blown. Customer for LIFE.

I am still on the east coast for business, but please believe it. If and when I get back to Los Angeles, Dr. B will be the ONLY dentist I see from this point on. Ever. Thank you so much for your understanding, your wonderful prices, your amazing dental work and general humanity. I will sing your praises for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. B. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart.

-Ericka S. Yelp Review