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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies Pasadena

Having a dental emergency?

Let us Help!

Are you experiencing a toothache? Broken tooth? Loose crown or filling? Swelling? Dental injury? Or other dental emergency?

At Prestige Dental, we provide emergency dental services to Pasadena and surrounding communities. Let us help you! Call us at (626) 577-2017. We can usually accommodate you on the same day (during regular hours), or if it’s after hours, Dr. Bouzoghlanian and staff will do his best to accommodate you as promptly as possible. If you believe you have a life threatening injury or problem, please seek medical attention immediately or call 911.

What to do if a tooth gets knocked out:

If a sports or other injury causes a tooth to get knocked out of its socket, you must act quickly in order to save the tooth. Promptly rinse any debris or dirt from the tooth with clean water. If you are comfortable doing so, attempt to replace the tooth carefully back into the socket. If you are unsuccessful, or uncomfortable doing so, place the tooth in a container of cold milk. Call your dentist immediately. The tooth must be re-implanted within one hour for there to be any likelihood of saving the tooth, so time is of the essence.

Proceed to your dentist’s office immediately for treatment. Your dentist will evaluate the injury and attempt to re-implant the tooth. Following this process, the tooth will usually be temporarily splinted (attached) to the neighboring teeth for stability until the injury heals. It is important to return to your dentist for follow-up as requested, because additional treatment may likely be necessary following healing of the injury.

Let us help you! Call us at (626) 577-2017