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Canker Sore Elimination

Canker Sore Elimination in Pasadena

Relieve the discomfort from canker sores!

A canker sore is an ulcer that appears alone or in clusters inside the mouth and is very painful. It is caused by a break in the mucous membrane, and stress may cause them to develop. They are small, red with yellowish borders. You might get them on the inside of your lips, the insides of your cheeks, the base of your gums or under your tongue. At Prestige Dental, we can provide medications and treatments to help relieve the pain of canker sores.

If your canker sores are large, last longer than 2 weeks, you can’t eat or drink, or if you have a fever or feel sick you should make an appointment to see our dentist in Pasadena for an immediate checkup.

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