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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity Pasadena

Treat uncomfortable tooth sensitivity!

One of the most common symptoms people experience with their teeth during their lifetime is sensitivity. This can occur from cold, hot, sweets, acidic foods, or chewing. Many factors can lead to tooth sensitivity including tooth decay, broken restorations, cracks in the teeth, grinding or clenching habits, and wear of the teeth or gums (recession).

One of the most common causes of sensitivity is recession (wear) of the gums, which will cause the roots of the teeth to become exposed. Loss of the protective enamel covering the tooth from abrasion or erosion can also produce the same symptoms.

If you have been suffering from tooth sensitivity that has lasted longer than a few days, it is important to see your dentist for an evaluation. At Prestige Dental, Dr. Bouzoghlanian and staff will perform a thorough evaluation to first determine the source of the sensitivity. Often a simple prescription for special desensitizing-toothpaste or application of fluoride will help resolve your symptoms. In severe cases, white composite (white) fillings, crowns, or veneers may be used to cover, insulate, and protect the sensitive areas of the tooth, helping eliminate sensitivity. If your symptoms are from clenching or grinding, Dr. Bouzoghlanian and staff will teach you relaxation and stretching techniques and may prescribe a night-guard to cover and protect your teeth.

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