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Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic Contouring in Pasadena

Do you have teeth flaws or imperfections that you would like to change?

Cosmetic contouring is a conservative and non-expensive way to improve the appearance of your smile. In a few words, this cosmetic dentistry procedure is responsible for making subtle changes in the teeth, and sometimes small changes can make a big difference in people's lives.

What can be changed with Cosmetic Contouring?

Slightly overlapping teeth, with irregular shapes, cusps, and cracks. Even pointy teeth can be transformed into more harmonious ones.

So... what is the process of Cosmetic Contouring?

Cosmetic contouring of the teeth is performed using different dental instruments with abrasive properties. The first thing is to do a thorough examination that includes x-rays and photographs to ensure that your teeth are healthy.

Later, the dentist in Pasadena will proceed to design the suitable changes. Then, the dentist will use a sanding instrument to eliminate or minimize the imperfections on the surface of the teeth (it is almost like artistic work to outline the sides) and finally smooth or polish them using finishing and polishing strips.

Although remodeling and contouring are conservative approaches toward changing the appearance of teeth, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of applying these procedures to see if they are right for you:

Cosmetic Contouring Advantages

One of the main benefits is that dental contouring is much cheaper than other techniques and affects tooth tissues less. Another amazing advantage is that this technique does not generate any kind of a pain, since the utilized tools only have contact with the tooth enamel without reaching the tubules or dental nerves. You can say goodbye to needles, anesthesia, and discomfort!

Finally, it improves the health of the teeth, since it eliminates crowding and minor imperfections in which dental plaque could accumulate and eventually become tartar.

Cosmetic Contouring Disadvantages

You will find that it only offers a subtle dental change. Unlike other cosmetic dental treatments where the change is bigger and more obvious, cosmetic contouring will not drastically change the look of your smile or make your teeth look whiter. For a more remarkable transformation, other techniques such as veneers and dental crowns must be applied.

If you would like to get further information about cosmetic contouring and other similar dental procedures, feel free to contact our Pasadena Dentist at (626) 577-2017.

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